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About Carin

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Carin is a C/Clinical Metal Toxicologist and Defeat Autism Now! Practitioner. She is qualified in live blood analysis and owns two high performance, variable projection research microscopes which she uses professionally in her practice in Roodepoort, Johannesburg, South Africa.

She travels extensively and has clients in India, the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman), Germany, Holland, Switzerland, England, Ireland, the USA, and in various African States, like Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho, Zambia and South Africa.

The main thrust of her work is metabolic recovery from dread diseases helping to assist families to achieve health optimization. In order to do this, she does nutritional blood analysis and calls for pathology and bio-medical tests from internationally renowned metabolic laboratories in Germany, the USA, France and Norway. She specializes in heavy metal toxicity, toxicity caused by pathogenic organisms and recovery from autism.

She is also a certified Bérard AIT Practitioner and Internationally approved Instructor for new AIT practitioners . She currently serves on the Board of AIT-International Practitioners’ Forum as Treasurer and works on various international projects where children suffer from a variety of neuro-integrational problems.

Carin’s most recent project has been in Faridkot, Punjab , India, where she and a colleague of hers volunteered their time during the month of May 2008 to assist in the Baba Farid Centers for Special Children. Here somewhat 400 children are now being assisted by means of free bio-medical testing which was arranged with a key laboratory in Germany, Micro Trace Minerals. Preliminary test results show that the majority of those tested have high uranium levels as well as a cocktail of other deadly heavy metals in their systems, which might be linked to the prevalence of brain injury, cerebral palsy, cancer, autism and other neuro-integrational disorders.

The presences of these metals have been widely reported in the mainstream media in India, and news about this finding was reported on a front-page article of the Times of India. In addition to the media coverage tin India, international media, such as CNN, the BBC World Radio, French and Canadian radio stations as well as the UK Guardian has carried news about the suffering of these children and their families.

Carin and her team has managed to procure nutrient and food donations for the children in this project, who are mal-nourished and suffer from autism, CP, and epilepsy from 3 different international sources, one in Europe, one in the USA and one in New Zealand.

During her visit in India, she was also instrumental in training a team of 3 doctors at the Centre as AIT Practitioners and her clinic has donated much needed AIT equipment and software to the projects for use to assist families in the Centre. Several children have shown huge gains since receiving the nutrients and undergone AIT and there are plans to continue the detoxification outreach to this project in the near future.

Closer to home, Carin has launched the release of the first ever PC-Based Software system delivering AIT true to the original Bérard protocol, to individuals in South Africa during April of 2009. Initial responses to those who have trialed the product have been extremely optimistic. The first phase of its international launch is about to begin.

Some responses from clients in her practice have been that they saw immediate changes in their children within days of commencing PC-Based AIT. One mother recounted that her daughter, aged 6, reported that she was able to cope with the phonics songs in the classroom for the first time that year. Previously this little girl struggled to learn, read and write, as she was so distressed by the noise in the classroom and the teaching methods which entailed alphabet and phonics songs.

There is then a multi-focal thrust in Carin’s work: it primarily focuses on how toxic metals, environmental toxins, bacterial and microbial pathogens affect health and derail development. Her extensive history in Neuro-Cognitive Reconstructive Therapy and training both as a Bérard Auditory Integration Training Practitioner and Defeat Autism Now! Practitioner, favourably position her to work paediatrically and aid families with children with a variety of neuro-integrational disorders, ranging from autism, brain injury, epilepsy, to cerebral palsy and various syndromes. She sees adults with chronic or dread diseases and is equally efficient when dealing with young children with spectrum disorders or learning disabilities.

Carin’s interventions embrace nutria-genomic principles and ortho-molecular interventions, where genes and environment are teamed to work in sync. Therapeutic interventions range from life-style changes to dietary shifts; from super-nutrition (ortho-molecular use of supplements) to powerful western as well as Chinese herbal compounds to bring about detoxification, healing and regeneration. The clinic offers training in a variety of neuro-cognitive mobilization and reconstructive therapies for children of which Auditory Integration Training via ORCA Diacoustics is but one, very helpful intervention. Electo-magnetic resonance treatments also feature strongly in the arsenal of interventions deployed in Synapse Africa Neuro-Nutritional Clinic. Finally, as a C/Clinical Metal Toxicologist, Carin also places a high premium on body detoxification, preparation for safe and biological amalgam removal, chelation after dental revision and the use of powerful lypo-spheric anti-oxidants and natural chelation.