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Our Mission

Globe In Forest

SANNC doesn’t only do work in Africa, it has set up short-term consultancy clinics all over the globe and where we can’t go, we can consult virtually via the internet.

Special Projects: Carin was invited to visit a project with Cerebral Palsied children in Punjab in 2008, called the Baba Farid Center for Special Children. This led to her seeing the possible link between the children’s disabilities and toxicity – coming from the “black water” found all over the state of Punjab, which led to an 18-month study, exposing a cocktail of toxic metals in these children, topped by uranium from the coal-fired power plants.

  • Our mission is to compassionately see with eyes that link environmental and ecological threats to disease.
  • Our mission is to make authorities responsible for the lack of legislation and services which afflict millions.
  • Our mission is to responsibly involve players globally to partner with us to give resources liberally, contribute services timeously and voice concerns determinately, so that those who cannot speak for themselves can be helped.

Thus far, SANNC has recruited partners on four continents to assist with the uranium problem in Punjab. SANNC has volunteered time in the project two years in a row, sending in staff to consult with the parents, train therapists in Neuro-Cognitive Mobilization, Auditory Integration Training and Nutrigenomic issues affecting the children. Carin personally oversaw the bio-medical sample collection of children in the project. SANNC further donated equipment to the project to aid the children in therapies. It also recruited Micro Trace Minerals, a laboratory in Germany, which has generously given of its time, and resources to test over 150 children in a two-phase project to determine whether there might be a toxicity link to their disabilities. Micro Trace Minerals Laboratory has also compassionately given nutritional supplies to this project, as has a company in New Zealand, Merc-out and Kirkman Laboratories in the USA. The media have rallied both in India and internationally and carried front-page articles on the findings. The latest was a photo-journalist, Gethin Chamberlain of The Guardian in the UK.