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Our Vision


At Synapse Africa Neuro-Nutritional Clinic we believe that recovery from dread disease is possible.

The past century has seen men set foot on the moon; we’ve witnessed the end of the Cold War and the fall of the Berlin Wall. Soon there was the birth of the European Community which was more inclusive than exclusive with economic migrants flowing ceaselessly from poorer to wealthier countries.

Despite this, the concept of a Global Village is an ever receding phantom, as immigration law enforcers tighten their grip as they try to rid countries of illegal aliens and more and more countries legislate to prevent foreigners wearing cultural or religious garb once on their soil, or freely build religious edifices which would be reminiscent of the “old country”, just in case the lines become too blurred.

In the midst of political and social turmoil, science has sought hard for answers to dread diseases, such as cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Motor-Neuron Disease , Multiple Sclerosis and AIDS. A deluge of research offerings daily flood information media. We have better technology, larger research grants, more famous Nobel Prize winners than ever before, yet our planet is groaning under the curse of global warming, and countries are struggling to keep their GNP’s brisk.

Unlike the social and political grids we (comfortably) move in, where everything is ordered and structured, diseases strike indiscriminately. Disease doesn’t look at class, seldom targets race or and hardly ever cares about social standing. Death is the great equalizer and whilst some are fortunate enough to make it into old age, others are mowed down in the flower of their youth.

In recent years a new buzz-word has struck panic in the heart of millions of parents – Autism – said to affect 1 in 93 children in the USA today, of which 50-odd are boys. The youngest, most fragile and most vulnerable ones on our planet are at risk, researchers say, but thus far, no-one has cracked the genetic code that lays bare it’s cause, or isolated the environmental culprit that spills into our cells its deadly poison and alters the minds of children too young and too ignorant to be partisan in this tragedy. Children are born daily, who will be lost to society and their families within the next 9 – 18 months, if we can’t stop the epidemic which is ticking like a time bomb.

The African Continent, which we at Synapse Africa Neuro-Nutritional Clinic call home, has fought its own strange war against millions dying of the AIDS pandemic or as it has seen those ravaged as never before by what appears to interminable wars (Sudan, DRC). We’ve seen Apartheid dismantled, dictators rise and fall, hope ebb and flow…. And with our eyes so narrowly focused on AIDS, poverty and war in Africa, we don’t see the other epidemic skulking at the door – children daily lost to autism!

To be truthful, there is no a magic bullet or quick fix for dread disease, but we certainly believe that recovery from the likes of cancer, AIDS, MS, Autism and the like is possible.

We, therefore, trade in hope. Unlike many who proclaim these epidemics unconquerable, we believe that much can change if one learns to understand that the human body functions, flourishes and recovers when imbalances are corrected. When it comes to viruses or bacteria, it’s a numbers’ game. When it comes to autism or cancer, often, it’s about the deficiencies or the excesses our lifestyle have foisted on us in presence of receptive gene pools.