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I’m delighted to report on a small project which I’ve been involved in over the past 10 months.

Sometime ago, a retired Israeli professor, an anatomist at a university in Israel, who lectures part-time and farms camels in his spare time, contacted me.

A parent of an autistic, neurologically injured, epileptic girl from Kenya, who was highly allergic, and poisoned with toxic metals, gave this professor my details. He has started a project introducing Camel’s milk in the northern region of Kenya.

At the time when he contacted me I was very skeptical as I felt that ALL DAIRY – regardless of the source – was harmful to the immune system, brain and bodies of children on the autistic spectrum. The reason for my skepticism comes from the years of research into the deleterious effects of protein peptides, such as gluta-morphine from grains, caso-morphine from dairy and gliadino-morphine from legumes, nuts, seeds and pulses.

For years I had placed children on diets which removed dairy and saw the most amazing outcomes and improvements in health, gastric function, immunity, withness, cognitive function, etc. Then came this retired professor and explained to me that my premise was based on ignorance. I did not understand that a camel is not a ruminant, like cows, and other mammals in their class. He also explained that the milk of a lactating camel cow, didn’t contain casomorphine! One cannot make cheese from camel’s milk, for example, because there is no casomorphine.

The deleterious components of cows-, goats-, sheep-milk are the casomorphines and the lactose – Camel’s milk, however, was rich in lactoferrin (immune-modulating factor) and contained none of the neuron-pruning peptides known to cause hassles in children with autism and other neuro-integrational disorders.

I then started reading – especially looking at Middle-Eastern research literature to see if I could find corroboration for this professor’s insights and yes, it was all there in the literature.

The professor explained how frozen camel’s milk (yes, it has to be frozen and unpasteurized!) had to be smuggled into the USA for a trial on a number of autistic children. The outcomes were beyond belief: children, who were highly allergic to dairy, and a variety of foods, lost their allergies within hours of consuming camel’s milk! Others, who had severe behavioural issues, calmed down within a very short time of consuming the camel’s milk. Yet others started socializing and all in all the trial showed much promise.

What does someone like me, without access to my own private camel cow, do with information like this? I store it, somewhere in a brain-file which says: “Interesting, keep for when necessary” and I let it rest.

Well, in April 2008, I had the unique and strange privilege to visit Punjab in India. The visit was to go and train some local doctors in Indian Neuro-Therapy to become Auditory Integration Training practitioners. Upon entry of their clinic in Faridkot, the most terrible sights burst on my eyes – tens of scores of children, deformed, cripple, autistic, syndrome kids, others with sensory losses (blind or deaf), and all suffering from the most terrible mal-nutrition! I consulted with numerous parents and the same story that ran like a scarlet thread through all their tales of woe, is that the majority were unable to feed properly, were allergic and many would have such chronic diarrhoea that they would have upwards of 20 bowel movements per day!

On our way to the little local hotel up the road where we stayed, we crossed a fairly main road – the road to Kotkupura. Here is where the brain-file, named “CAMEL’S MILK” shot open with such force that I had to keep myself from running up to the Sikh-man sitting astride on a load of what on top of a cart being pulled by…. , yes, you’ve guessed it! A real, live, camel!

It took a long time to convince the locals to buy into my story that the old professor in Israel had hold of a remarkable, inexpensive breakthrough for children with neuro-immunological problems. I think it took the best time of a year before they really took to story and literally put legs to it.

The leader of the Clinic in Faridkot, Dr. Pritpal Singh, has managed to procure a source of unpasteurized, frozen Camel’s milk – not easy as most of Punjab’s camels are working camels and not in lactation. [By the way, a female camel can produce as much as 1000 litres of camel’s milk during lactation!]

The nearest camel farms, he said, were in Rajasthan – that was more than 10 hours away by road. In the terrible heat and lack of refrigerated transportation in Punjab, the milk would spoil and to travel to collect and bring, would mean someone would have to be on the road 24 hours per day…

So, Dr. Pritpal, ingenious young man that he is, managed to procure some milk which arrived in frozen from twice or more times a week bus from a camel farm and milk supplier a great distance away. The problem? The bus passed through their town, Faridkot around 3 am and he had to travel a distance to meet the bus.
Was this a problem, to a young man, whose staff and he work from 6 am till 9 pm daily tending neurologically challenged children? No, he simply slept less, sacrificed his wellbeing and got up to meet the bus.

Tonight I chatted with him over the phone – he says that all the children on the camel’s milk are doing really well! This pleases me especially as these children are all vegans in a total vegetarian culture and I needed to increase their protein intake. The camel’s milk is healing allergic gastritis and a plethora of immunity related issues. The autistic children especially are doing so well and the children with the 20+ bouts of diarrhoea per day, are cured with much more normal bowel movements!

I feel we owe a debt of gratitude to this retired professor, Prof Reuven Yagil, DVM!

See article:

Camel Milk for Food Allergies in Children

Yosef Shabo MD1, Reuben Barzel MD3, Mark Margoulis MD4 and Reuven Yagil DVM2
Departments of 1Family Medicine and 2Physiology, Faculty of Health Sciences, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer Sheva, Israel
3Department of Natural Medicine, Maccabi Health Services, Beer Sheva, Israel
4Nutrition Unit, Soroka University Hospital, Beer Sheva, Israel
Key words: immunoglobulin, protective proteins, allergens, dromedary, nutrition
Published in Journal for Immunology and Allergies

What I really loved in my correspondence with Prof. Yagil is his anecdotes about how the parents were beside themselves with joy about the gains their children made on camel’s milk.  Here is one excerpt:

“Shalom Professor Reuven!!!!!

Thank you for contacting me!!!!

I would like to tell you that the VERY FIRST day our daughter, (Bxxxx-age 11), was on the camel’s milk we saw   HUGE improvements in all areas of her development!!!!

Here is what I noticed (Almost immediately after she had just a little -less than 1/3 cup- of the milk):

  • became very calm
  • A LOT LESS anxious
  • repetition of certain actions (typically 10-20 times per action were repeated only 2-3 times).
  • she spoke in a lower (very normal) tone and voice (usually SCREAMS!!!!)
  • She obeyed more
  • she was excited to get dressed and leave the house today (has not been wanting to get dress or leave the house lately)
  • a delight to take to the store (and other public places….she did not run off without my permission)!
  • was VERY HAPPY all day (but NOT a maniac type happy…like drunk with yeast….)
  • She did NOT hold her knees to her chest as if in incredible pain
  • no gas, no bloated belly, no abdominal discomfort
  • no spitting
  • very affectionate, very loving
  • lots of life in her eyes
  • Tried to use all of the paper towels but when I caught her in the act she said “No No”….with the sweetest okay you caught me smile..AND ACTUALLY STOPPED!!!!
  • craves oils (Coconut, Castor, Lecithin)
  • ate extremely well today…EVEN REGULAR ICE CREAM…and no pain!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!It’s almost like she instinctively knew that she could eat things now that previously made her sick….
  • had a normal bowel movement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • while cutting her own finger nails and toe nails (she wanted privacy while doing this but did NOT have a temper tantrum when I would not leave…she just kept kindly telling me “out”).
  • Was not destructive to property or herself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • she went to bed early!! BEFORE the latest normal time of 3:00am. Was asleep by 10:00pm!!!!!

….I feel as if I am seeing the true Bxxxx emerging….WE ARE SOOO BLESSED!!!!”

If anyone would like to contact Prof. Reuven Yagil about his wonderful work with camel’s milk or Dr. Pritpal Singh about the project in India using camel’s milk, please contact them via the contact numbers/e-mails below:

Prof. (Emeritus) Reuven Yagil

E-mail: [email protected] or [email protected]
Mobile: +972-547-627315 (Israel)

Dr. Pritpal Singh:

E-mail: [email protected]
Mobile: +91-988-8914655 (India)