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Dear George

on Jul 17 in Blood Microscopy tagged

I see something else at work – Naessens called them Somatids; Béchamp called them microzymes, Bradford called them Borrelia Burgdorferi, I called them Rickettsias.  It really doesn’t matter what they are called, whatever they are – these tiny elements, some less than an angstrom in diameter – they are few in the blood of relatively healthy individuals, animals, plants. When sickness encroaches and the person, animal or plant falls ill, their numbers rise till they all but fill the blood, body fluids or saps of plants and near death they are at their most numerous.

Poisons seem to curtail their numbers, antibiotics certainly keep them at bay, but as soon as a chemical scourge passes, their numbers rise to levels higher than prior to the taking of antibiotics.  They “feed” like bacteria and viruses do and sugars (essential or otherwise) boost their numbers.  Foods that break down to carbohydrates are their staple.  Where protein and fats are consumed, their numbers are low (i.e. person, animal or plant is healthy?). Where the main dietary indulgence is carbohydrates, fruits and sugars, their numbers quickly increase and eventually spin out of control and cellular degeneration seems to accompany their increase in body fluids, tissues and saps.

The Word says:  Life is in the blood – if both the keys to life and death are in God’s hands and He created us in His Image; if all of Creation groans for the revelation of the Son of God to return in all his Glory, as it does,  then these life-forms in us, described by Chistopher Bird in his book about the persecution of the scientist and inventor, Gaston Naessens as indestructible even when exposed to temperatures of above 200˚ Celsius or nuclear radiation levels of 50,000 rems (“more than enough to kill any  living thing” Bird, 1991:5) and eternal, must be the very seeds of life which the Lord placed in each one of us, when he took dust and forged man’s frail flesh from it.

Bird, (1991:5) writes: “The eerie implication is that the new miniscule life forms revealed by Naessens’s microscope are imperishable.  At the death of their hosts, such as ourselves, they return to the earth, where they lie for thousands or millions, perhaps billions of years!”

As I’ve told you, I’ve seen these mini life-forms, far too small for regular microscopes to see on my Bradford High Resolution, variable projection microscope.  Several others have seen and described them – all of whom have either lost their lives, or been incarcerated or persecuted.  The last in a long line of microscope builders, microscopists and scientists has been Dr. Robert Bradford, cancer researcher in the USA, who was charged with 25 federal indictments in 2005 together with Brigitte Byrd and John Tothe.  The latter is serving a prison sentence for supposedly killing someone with Bismacine /Chromacine in his attempt to rid the person of chronic Lymes disease.

If we call them divine seeds, they may be the elements which bring to and sustain life or condemn us to (degrees of) physical death (The Bible, Leviticus 26 & 27).  Where everything is healthy and whole and vibrant, these life-forms applaud and conspire for good, fully under orchestration of the Maker. But where man’s mischief is unleashed, through his meddling in areas not sanctified for human revelation, like nuclear or scalar energy; like exquisite poisons and toxins with names too difficult for ordinary men to even pronounce, or where man plays god and tries to unleash biological warfare weapons so stealthily and so destructively, that it will take generations for the wisest among us to find out what went wrong in mankind to foster as sick a society as we have become and are progressively becoming, these life-forms are both then judges and executioners in the same human body they were meant to grow and energise – rising up as minute warriors of the Almighty, mirroring His the wrath of His image into every single cell of our beings!

I need to reiterate: These somatids (Naessens) or Rickettsial forms (Smit) are few in number where life is in good order. They are seemingly absent or well integrated into our bodies where life thrives, as if they are just there going about their business in a totally unobtrusive, chaperoning, energizing, enzymatically connective and catalytically restorative manner – like a host of molecular-sized angels overseeing the smooth running of our great body chemistry.  At this point they even seem to be aid-givers and healers of life, as some authors explain (Béchamp, 1800’s) ”…Béchamp went on to study microzymas (emphasis mine) located in the bodies of animals and came to the startling conclusion that the tiny forms were far more basic to life than cells, long considered to be the basic building blocks of all living matter.  Béchamp thought them to be fundamental elements responsible for the activity of cells, tissues, organs, and indeed whole living organisms, from bacteria to whales, and larks to human beings…” (Christopher Bird, The Persecution and Trial of Gaston Naessens, 1991, H.J. Kramer Inc, Tiburon, California: p. 7).

However, where sin, stress, perversion and man-made interference is present/prevails (not necessarily on a personal level, but communally or environmentally, contaminating the individual), these tiny life-forms appear to immediately manifest in numbers overwhelmingly plentiful and rise up like menacing cellular tsunamis, over-running cells, and dragging a net of utter destruction like a fast-flowing river, from which it is impossible to escape, over every living cell in our bodies and cells literally die in their millions.

Where the divine is interrupted, disrupted and obstructed, there the life-forms “surface” from the inner-spaces of cells, tissues and bone, leaving their constructive presence there in their trillions and powerfully fill the spaces between spaces, the scalar points of resonance of our being, multiplying and destroying tissues at a rate so fast and frightening that even our strongest cures often can’t arrest the dis-ease in our cells – almost as if on a divine mission to return dust to dust and heralding that time has run out….

Once the body is laid in the dust, they reduce us to nothing in relatively short periods of time and then proceed to re-populate and re-build the soil with wonderful life-giving qualities (Martin J Walker, “Lőic Le Ribault – Resistance – the creation of a treatment for arthritis and the persecution of its author – France’s foremost forensic scientist”, 1998, ISBN 0 9519646 1 5, Slingshot Publications, London), such as what Le Ribault has found with the compound, G5 that he’s manufacturing from soil. G5, as he has called it, is a curative organic silica.  He saw these elements on the surface of soil, producing an organic residue, as these elemental forms that take what was dead and makes bring forth life again though carbon-linking.  The theories and research of prof. Norbet Duffaut coalesced with that of Le Ribault (Walker, 1998) and they understood that these life forms were preserving energy in soil from which animal and plant species could benefit. Their research led them to understand that by these life forms forging energy through the organic silica (burning carbon yields the highest fuel for animal existence – such as when one is burning EFA’s in mitochondria that yield ATP) – they potentiate the cycle of life all over again.  This is so obviously contrary to what the Big Bang Theorists proclaim and those who hold that there is no Intelligent Designer and Creator, as this closure of the circles of life, is no doubt all by exquisite design, not just on the macro-level sustaining health and life, but on the most critical, and infinitesimal/microscopic level too, sustaining enzymatic processes, detoxification, rejuvenation….  The path that soil takes through these organisms,  makes the soil alive again with promise. It forges healing via organic silica and from the earth, as of old,  God fashions newness of life.  Nothing is wasteful, nothing is lost – what a mighty God we serve!

That’s my small take on the somatids, dear Brother.

There is something else I see: AIDS, the Black or Bubonic Plague or any other destructive (auto-immune) dis-ease, in this context, appears to merely be the judgement of the Almighty on the corrupt practices of men generically.  And though this judgement can be visited upon the individual for personal apostasy and sin, the judgement can also be generic as a type of “finger of God” writing into the cells of created beings his judgement for the greater apostasy which has cloaked this planet, due to avarice, moral collapse and rebellion.  Thus, visiting them internally, the somatids are sent to reduce them to dust for breaking His cosmic and moral laws as well as laws of physics, meddling in the meta-physical as they swan in as lords of the “other” world, spinning lies, then living them, corrupting the planet and resultantly their own flesh, heamorrhaging life from every orifice of their material-hungry beings, till all they are becomes dust again.  This is when He starts all over again, like the Eternal Potter he is, and crafts new vessels from the dust, which He energizes.  Sometimes He heals in small measure, almost like a vignette of His true self, a part here, a part there – never meaning to fully restore, as the order of things has shifted – eternally shifted and time will soon be consumed.  Everything will be consumed as soon as it has served its Divine purpose.

The facts are that when we mess with the natural order, the natural order, as decreed by God, messes with us – badly.

This World’s Order, eternally pitted against the Almighty since the Fall, has decided that it will take its greatest flaw, its most ignominious defeat and commercialize it at all cost.

Someone somewhere must have realised or understood this secret and the giant monolith started to stir through the inventions of clever men.  The captains of industry pounced on these findings, rubbing their hands together in such avarice and glee foreseeing that whilst they could, they would rake in trillions as they capitalize on the fear of a fast-dying race.

They must also have known that the same God who creates, destroys, who builds, breaks, and who heals, blights, where-ever He is not honoured and upheld – this has been the Ancient Law as written in His Book – and if it wasn’t written on Tablets of Stone and given to man, it was written in the laws of nature for man to plainly see.

Against this they would have no redress.  They can’t alter the Eternal Order of things. So, typically, mercenary in their vision, those who drive this World’s Order decided to exploit the baseness of man, the final frontier just before man is no more and at this uttermost frontier, it stacked up lies so thick and so fast, so deep and so fantastic,  that a condemned race, weak, stricken and ill, reeling under God’s judgement, could do nothing else but be duped to believe that out of the New Age of world Capitalism and Technological Advancement will be born the antidote for their physical and emotional suffering, helping them to escape eternal damnation and death.  Here at the final touch-down was born a whole swarm of new saviours – the gods of technology, the gods of medicine and the gods of pharmacology and woe be to the man (or woman) who dared to challenge these “nouveau dieux”.  Those who did are mostly dead – first dragged before courts, persecuted and dismissed as lunatics, stripped of all and then killed, or left to flee their home countries and be restless vagabonds in strange places, personas non grata, with no citizenship, no legal status and no homes.

Here at this frontier trading is brisk, man lives in hope, but cruelly dies in despair.  Here he empties his pockets to the gods of medicine, pharmacology and technology, breathing his last breath in the hope that he would grasp life, yet he clutches death! Hope here is as elusive as the Somatids themselves.   Groping for answers here, he finds that there are only illusions, phantoms shrouded with possibility, smokescreens that belie the very spectres they represent…. here the world system does its damndest to convince man that he has another chance to live – but God said it is finished! This World’s Order has taken the Cosmic Conundrum called Death and redefined it through intricate scientific systems to mean Life – a trade-off: and a new race is born here – the living-dead….

Arrogantly, proudly, insidiously, persistently, these spin doctors weave the shroud that would cover the hosts of living-dead – as if they own the keys of Life and Death.  With this arrogance they continue to daily forge their pots of gold as souls die and grope in vain.

And as sinister now as the end-stage Somatids that are charged to dismantle life, these captains of industry menacingly construct their New-Age propaganda:

  • “They must never know it was we who unleashed the Somatids in their cells;
  • that it is our strong medicine, which destroys their life force and allows the Somatids to introduce the Grim Reaper.
  • Let’s call life death and death life – call somatids “pathogens” – breeding fear in people and terror;
  • let’s rather link them to destruction, plague and death, so that they’ll never guess that Somatids are actually harbingers of life, strictly charged with God’s laws of life.
  • Let’s allow the lie to live – that by “medicating” them, we promise that through our ever growing pharmacopeia, we suspend disease.
  • Let’s create the illusion that by naming, cataloguing and describing a plethora of “dis-eases” we have uncovered the causative agents of these “dis-eases”;
  • let’s write about them, create scientific tomes about them, fill digests with “facts” about them,
  • let’s legislate in our courts about them,
  • let’s vaccinate against them,
  • let’s prepare trillions of doses of “medication” to recover from them and finally,
  • let our enactments condemn and destroy all who don’t uphold what we say about them – who don’t bow before our god of mammon and atheism.
  • Let’s spread our gospel that by means of our strong medicines, strongly invasive techniques, called “operations” we can destroy/excise these “dis-eases”….!
  • Let’s play god for a moment longer and divert their attention away from the real issues –
    • the destruction of the planet that summons the Somatids,
    • the groaning of creation,
    • the yearning of man to be free of this body of death and be reunited with his Maker,
    • the systematic poisoning of all air, water, soil, fauna, flora and the souls of men across the wide expanse of this groaning planet;
  • let’s make them forget by numbing them,
  • by drugging them,
  • by intoxicating them and so
  • turn their attention away from Him who is, Who was and Who is to come!”

They grow bolder every day and their battle cry is now louder than ever: “Let’s kill God! How? By killing the truth about the Somatids and the proponents of the theories of disease-reduction and healing that might lead them to the Light. Let’s just wage war on everyone who harbours these precious elements of eternity in their beings – feed them sugar, load them with carbohydrates, poison the air they breathe and the water they drink, fill their food with junk additives and build our medical cathedrals, leading them to believe that here true worship brings life…. all in the name of the nouveau diex – Technology, Medicine and Pharmacopeia!”   And for this they charge the earth – read: “burden the planet” into my words!

This is what I see in the persecution of the lives and work of Rife, Naessens, Le Ribault and Bradford, to name just a few of the many who have dared to raise dissent and consequently suffered great loss – how able we are to articulate this better than they were, I can’t say, but someone has to keep saying it so that some might believe, dear brother in Christ.

The latter, however, depends on the unction of the Father and on the amount of time we have left before they come for us too who aren’t afraid to tell or the time when He finally restores all things to Himself….

But, that there is a life, within our bodies, multiple miniscule life-forces imaging Him within every cell and that they have both the capability towards good and evil, life or death in every most minute particle that resides in man in a transitory fashion, is a fact – I’ve had the privilege of seeing them with my own eyes through the lenses of my own Bradford high resolution microscope.  How these life-forms are born, grow, transform, multiply, reduce and recycle is another story, much too complicated for my weary and finite mind….and the mystery is only beginning to unfold!

Good night and sleep tight!