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The question I’m most frequently asked: “Can diet REALLY make such a difference?”  The simple answer is: Yes it can!

What is THE DIET I’m referring to? It is a gluten-free, casein-free, gliadin-free diet. I instruct those with significant health problems who see me to take all grains, dairy, legumes, nuts, seeds and pulses out of their diets.

The nett result? No more allergies, no more asthma, eczema gone, IBS gone, no more constipation, no more diarrhoea, children who are autistic stop bizarre behaviours and start speaking, children and adults with sleeping problems start sleeping though. Others lose weight, say their blood pressure problems have diminished or disappeared, their cancers are receding and their depression has lifted. Schizophrenics move back into reality and those with bi-polar disorders regain control over their lives….

So, in short, does it work? It most certainly does and I am delighted to be the recipient of the many, many good-news stories!

Please feel free to either share your story or post your comments/questions and let’s get the ball rolling in discussing this crucial and life-changing intervention.

And oh, what CAN you eat? All meat, chicken, eggs, vegetables (except beans of any kind, which includes coffee beans, cocao beans, broad beans, soya beans, lupine beans, baked beans, peas, lentils, chickpeas) and fruit. I allow corn, sorghum and brown rice and for those who do not have thyroid problems, I allow millet once or twice a week, as millet is a thyroid disrupter.

Many people are worried that they won’t get full on a low carbohydrate diet – I allow potatoes, sweet potatoes (yams), butternut, pumpkin, turnips, parsnips, squashes, banana and as I said above corn, brown rice and sorghum, with the odd day’s millet.

These diets are NOT nutrient poor, in fact, they are VERY COMPREHENSIVE, but need management, such as ensuring that super-nutrition (*my phrase which means nutrients given in addition or above food intake*) is carefully monitored. Here I think of at least the RDA of Calcium, Magnesium, B-Complex and some Vitamin C in high doses.

Fish is totally out, unless you can see it’s head and tail on the palm of your hand and even then don’t consume more than 1x per week.

I always ask people to drop the deadly (white) killer, sugar, from their diets and start reading labels – all that sucrose, maltose, lactose, fructose, and what-ever other -ose they can hide in our foods – please stay away from these. Honey, loved and touted by many as a healing compound, can cause intestinal disruption, so use sparingly, if at all. Some of you just simply CAN’T use honey, as it’s glucose content is HIGH and your glucose metabolism is poor.

I hope these initial few comments help set the scene for an excellent discussion. If you have questions we can’t manage on this forum, please feel free to book a consultation at Johannesburg office. Tel. 011-760-2951.