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Message Of Hope

Over the past decade the focus of my practice has dynamically shifted. I started seeing more and more children diagnosed with autism and adults with dread or long-term, debilitating illnesses. I, myself, was diagnosed with cancer in 2007.

I started specializing in toxicological causes for learning, behavioural, mood and health disorders.  My work led me to certification with the International Board for Clinical Metal Toxicology (Netherlands) and soon my practice expanded to include individuals with chronic disorders (eating, mood, learning, emotional), immunological and neurological challenges, as well as a variety of so-called “undiagnosed” disease states.

It soon became clear that there had to be environmental insults to the immune and metabolic systems of these individuals. Toxic metals, PCB’s, pesticides were the prime suspects, but these were not the only causative agents – many people appeared to carry disease-causing organisms so small that they were virtually undetectable by modern pathology lab testing.

I realized that there was a “conspiracy” between environmental toxins, and micro-organisms, called intra-cellular bacteria (such as Rickettsia).  These are obligate, intracellular parasites, and their survival in us as hosts, depends solely on entry, growth and the ability to replicate within the cytoplasm of host cells.

I say I realized that there is a “conspiracy” between environmental toxins and these obligate bacteria, as it became evident that the more toxic (environmentally poisoned) an individual was, the higher the number of these organisms in their systems.

Heavy metals bind to sulfur and hydrogen in proteins in the human body. As all enzymes are proteins it means that heavy metals suppress enzymatic processes.  Without enzymes our digestion suffers, as does our immune systems and new cellular structures cannot be built or damage repaired in our bodies.

As Rickettsial organisms are poorly diagnosed by pathology laboratories, I was delighted to be able to receive training over a period of 7 years and eventually purchase a large, high resolution, variable projection microscope in 2006 for the clinic.  I have used the microscope in Southern Africa, the Middle East and Europe (Ireland) to image anomalies in blood morphologies and have seen these bacteria in the bloods of people from diverse cultures and nationalities, attesting to the fact that these bacteria make their way into our systems via insect bites, the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat, as these are actions common to all people.

In 2008 I obtained a copy of a book, called “A Disease Called Fatigue” by an ex-Congolese Belgian doctor, Dr. Cecil Jadin, highlighting the work of her late father, Prof. J.B. Jadin.  He worked to bring an understanding to the world with regards to Rickettsial and other tropical disease-causing organisms.  This book opened new vistas as I realized how ancient and wide-spread the diseases are which are caused by these organisms.

So, what is the message of hope? The message is that though I am an outsider in the field of medicine (I am not a medical doctor), my working as a toxicologist, has unearthed many very vital links to neuro-cognitive and debilitating diseases, which connect toxic metals and intra-cellular organisms.  Eradicating the one, I believe, leads to the eradication of the other.

Five years ago, I hardly knew anything about these two impinging worlds, but thanks to excellent mentors in the field (Dr. Peter vander Schaar, IBCMT – Netherlands; Dr. Kalle Reichelt, University of Oslo, Norway; Dr. Robert Bradford, BRI, USA, and dr. Cecil Jadin, private practice, South Africa), our clinic now offers a visual imaging facility, which I believe, supercedes the pathology work done in most modern pathology laboratories with regards to these organisms, as they are so often missed in lab tests.

Our clinic offer expertise in ortho-molecular interventions, detoxification programmes, electro-magnetic resonance interventions and life-style changes, which include changes in diet, drug intake, exercise and recreational activities, all of which are life-saving or life-altering.

We are having considerable success in halting or even reversing the debilitating effects of chronic inflammatory disease in patients with Motor-Neuron Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsons, Alzhemer’s Disease, SLE, heart disease, arthritis and polymyalgia rheumatica.

We are seeing healing come to individuals and especially children on the autistic spectrum and those with chronic inflammatory bowel disease.  We’ve run outreach programmes to several countries beyond our borders, Kenya, Botswana, Zambia, Namibia, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, India, Ireland, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and even the UK and USA.

In 2005 I took the Physician’s Training at a Defeat Autisim Now! Conference and though our clinic is not invested the politics surrounding autism, I know for sure that 1:57 boys in the USA is currently being diagnosed with autism and the total diagnostic rate is 1:93!   This figure is near-correct for most cultures in which I’ve had the privilege to do outreach work.

My work in Punjab, India, where I collaborated in getting a toxicological study done in a population of over 400 brain injured children in 2008/9, showed that environmental toxins, especially Uranium, definitely plays a critical role as a disease-causing agent.  Punjabi families are of the poorest I’ve ever encountered, and as such we don’t have the luxury of expensive supplements to give these children.  Despite the huge need, I saw how a change of life-style, simple changes to the diet, inclusion of raw, green vegetables, such as wheat-grass, saved lives and how the determination of parents and therapists to save lives, paid off, against the blatant recklessness of a government who would not own their role in the dumping of  toxic waste, which threatens to engulf more than 24 million people in that state as it seeps into the ground around their coal-fired power plants.

As I write this message of hope, I don’t have all the answers. Who has?  I merely know that I have a strategic role to play in the lives of people who have been poisoned and who are being eaten alive by microbes which are defended by the very toxins in our systems.

My heart breaks for every man, woman and child who suffers the ravages of dread disease and as a cancer recoveree myself, I can attest to the fear that places its cold, cruel hand on one’s heart every time you experience a change in your body.  I am not untouched by what you suffer.  Your suffering is mine.  Our suffering is universal.  I, for example, lost a mother to motor-neuron disease in her early 60’s and my family history is riddled with cancer.  This is why I have chosen to spend my life working in this field.  We can’t let the diseases ravage us and not do anything!

Do we see every person healed who comes through our doors? Obviously not, but do we see dramatic and dynamic changes over time in the lives of countless people?  The answer is an unequivocal “Yes!”

Finally, what works and what doesn’t work?  The answers aren’t simple – much of what we do at this clinic is experimental.  We are not leaders at the fore-front of biotechnological or academic or scientific research, but for many people, the results, which distill in these fields of learning, will come hopelessly too late.  It came too late for my mother and for my father, who recovered from cancer, just to lose the battle against COPD. Disease beat them to the post.

I guess I can return to university/college and make it my sole endeavour to prove that what we do here works. But cutting myself off from the raw suffering of everyday life, reclusing myself in an ivory tower, where research grants and a publish-or-perish mentality reigns,  will not save a single life in the next few weeks or months.

If one is not publishing in peer reviewed journals or filing patents for biotechnological endeavours, then your work is somehow slighted or judged as being of lesser value.  At this point of the race, my sole focus is to share as much of the information I have gleaned and publishing it in various contemporary media, and primarily assist by first “doing no harm”.

My road map is the uncharted science of live blood analysis of undefined organisms; my tools are the compass of ortho-molecular super-supplementation, changes in food intake (for which statutory bodies claim that RDA’s shouldn’t be exceeded) and the charting of bio-medical test-results from reputable metabolic and environmental laboratories.

Today doctors, dentists, parents, patients who are adrift and seek workable answers knock on our doors.  My work is prioritized with a different kind of urgency and emphasis to what is achieved by publication in peer review journals.  Reporters in the current media of today (see Punjab’s deformed Children by Gethin Chamberlain in the UK Guardian) tell of what I do and how what I do has changed lives.   For many of the children who suffer from autism, epilepsy, cancer and other dread diseases, the slow-route of peer-review, double-blind, cross-over studies will simply not be timeous enough to save their lives.

Government and industry must be challenged to deal better with their toxic waste,  if we are to save lives; our environment must be taken seriously, if our planet is to survive.  Units like ours must be supported by venture capitalists and humanitarian benefactors, because from us emanate much-needed, key action-based research.  If measured against the lifespan of a dying child our inputs could make the difference between life and death.

My work is not a cure-all.  What I do, proposes ways of living longer, healthier, happier lives and of finding ways of cleaning up our environment, ridding one-self of killer stealth bacteria which are so destructive that they could be found at the root of over a hundred (dread) diseases.

The crux of my work is to find ways in which enzymatic processes could be re-activated in the individuals who present with chronic or acute disease states – to this end I mainly use ortho-molecular interventions (supplements as medicines), powerful herbs, electro-magnetic resonance and collaborate with experts who combine our insights so that we may rid the body of toxicity and unwanted organisms.

I customize what I do to suit each person I see.  The programme makes use of state-of-the-art laboratory testing on several continents.  The tests reveal the roots of toxic waste, environmental pollution and sometimes, self-inflicted poisoning (smoking). These tests also lay bear the damage, point to possible intervention strategies and help re-focus our efforts to help the person recover.

All the pieces of the puzzle are starting to fit, but some fit poorly and so the work goes on.  What our clinic proposes is to teach each person who visits us to see the “Big Picture” – in the individual pieces are clues, but not answers. We need to understand what the etiology is of our pathology and work to rid the world of the roots of such.

I trust that in explaining what I see, you may join me on the hilltop, viewing the horizon afar off and that your heart will also fill with hope, like mine does every day, at the Grace and Hope that grants us  the rays of yet another dawn!

With fond regards to all who quest for LIFE!