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Defeat Autism Now! Counseling

Defeat Autism Now! is a highly successful bio-medical intervention protocol developed and deployed amongst thousands of children in the United States of America over the past decade and more. To date thousands of children with autism have been brought to recovery by means of dietary changes, super-nutrition, detoxification and a variety of non-toxic, pharmacological and natural interventions. If you have a child affected by autism you already know that “recovery” doesn’t mean “cure.” At Synapse Africa Neuro-Nutritional Clinics we provide the latest information for parents and professionals, information that leads to bio-medical treatment and metabolic support sufficient to reduce physical pain and roadblocks in children with autism, to the extent that many are newly able to communicate and learn.

Defeat Autism Now! Is dedicated to the exploration, evaluation, and dissemination of scientifically documented biomedical interventions for individuals within the autism spectrum, through the collaborative efforts of clinicians, researchers, and parents.

Defeat Autism Now! is distinguished by its commitment to invite only the most credible, accredited, and forward-thinking researchers and clinicians as speakers to their conferences. Information on a medical treatment is presented at the Autism Research Institute’s conferences only after a special preview committee has deemed it both safe and effective.

There is no other conference with an agenda devoted to teaching parents and practitioners how GI disorders, detoxification and other metabolic issues, and nutrition impact a child’s sense of self, behaviour, attention, speech, and general health. Scientific principles and protocols apply to affected children of all ages and varying conditions. Often, an underlying metabolic problem is found to be the cause of symptoms associated with autism, so that when a biochemical “glitch” is identified by lab test and then addressed, the child’s “quirk” diminishes or goes away.

Are we saying the biomedical approach is the only way to tackle autism? Definitely not. Many therapies, including Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA), Auditory Integration Training (AIT), Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments (MHBOT), occupational therapy (OT), and speech therapy (among others), help a child’s chances of improving, and in some cases recovering. However, without addressing the physiological disorders and bio-medical conditions that lie at the core of autistic disorders, little true or lasting progress or benefit can be expected.

Defeat Autism Now! is known worldwide as the premier intervention with which parents and clinicians join together and pool their understanding to uncover the causes, focus on effective treatments, and share our happiness at the recovery of some children. We do not claim to have all the answers; in fact, knowing we don’t is what keeps us moving forward. But thanks to the insights and tenacity of the parents, and the determination, professionalism, and open-mindedness of our researchers and clinicians, we can say unequivocally: Autism is Treatable. Recovery is Possible! We know this to be true.

At the Synapse Africa Neuro-Nutritional Clinic, Carin Smit & her co-workers currently offer a wide range of treatment options available within accourdance to the Defeat Autism Now! Protocol for children on the autistic spectrum along with the relevant training programs for their families.

Available Therapies and Treatments

  • Lifestyle management help for Gluten-Free, Casein-Free and Gliadin-Free diets for autistic children.   Current research shows that many cases of autism result from an immune-system dysfunction that affects the body’s ability to break down certain proteins and combat yeasts and bacteria. Many parents are convinced of the validity of dietary intervention for autistic individuals, but do not have the resources to try it themselves, especially those with picky eaters and skeptical spouses.
  • We offer assistance to ensure that nutritional deficiencies don’t develop because of the limited dietary intake.
  • Carin offers parents help with testing for heavy metal toxicity through state-of-the-art international    laboratories in Germany, France and the USA, who all specialize in autism recovery.
  • She offers enzyme therapy, Neuro-Cognitive Mobilization training, Neuro-Cognitive Reconstructive Therapy
  • Training and several other appropriate training courses which will aid parents in better assisting their child with autism.